Organization Development Network



The Organization Development Network is the largest, oldest and most diverse association of organization development practitioners in the world. Established in 1964 by founders in the field of organization development, OD Network leads the field and its practitioners in creating effective human organizations in an inclusive world community.

The OD Network achieves its vision by being the:

  • Connector of diverse groups for the enhancement and improvement of OD
  • Advocate in establishing principles of practice and competencies for OD practitioners
  • Provider of value-added services and ongoing education and development that enhance the ability and expand the capacity of OD practitioners to do their work
  • Champion of a perspective that fosters OD practitioners’ understanding and respect for differences and similarities throughout the world.

The OD Network’s more than 4,000 members represent a range of professional roles and a wide variety of organizations working in private industry, the nonprofit and public sectors, small consulting firms and academia.

Available  Programs

Understanding Organization Development  (eCourse)