Experiential Learning: The FLEX Model


Many of us have a very narrow perception of learning, associating it with memorizing facts in school or other knowledge transfers; however, in reality, learning is a process we can use to manage change, to adapt to any situation, and to expand our possibilities.

Experiential Learning (EL) is an explicit process for learning how to learn. Learning Partners Group developed The FLEX Program (Flexible Learning From EXperience) to provide an overview of Experiential Learning Theory, the Experiential Learning Cycle and Learning Styles. The FLEX Program is targeted to those who want to thrive in the midst of change and complexity, and need to know how to seize this opportunity.

This three-module, self-paced online program (eCourse) is delivered on an interactive Flash-based course platform available for access anytime from anywhere. The program content includes rich media recorded presentations and exercises.


By mastering the EL process, we not only improve our current overall performance, drive decision-making and achieve goals, we also continue to develop throughout adult life. EL provides a means for us to achieve our full potential and move toward the highest level of human functioning in which we are able to create new knowledge in the unknown future rather than simply to react and adapt to a current situation.

EL was developed by David Kolb who understood that learning involves more than just thinking; it also requires our feelings, perceptions and actions, and begins with our own experience. This whole brain, holistic process is driven by the way in which we creatively manage the four dimensions of Experiencing, Reflecting, Thinking and Acting. EL capitalizes on a natural feedback loop that allows us to connect one experience with the next in a recursive process that resembles a positive, upward spiral.

EL mastery can provide performance improvement and learning through the following three modules:
Module 1 -Learning Cycle
Module 2 – Learning Styles
Module 3 – Learning Flexibility

Each module includes:

  • a research-based, proven process of learning that can be replicated in any life situation
  • increased self-awareness of personal style preference including their strengths and challenges
  • a vision of a complete repertoire of styles to meet any situation
  • a means of recognizing and appreciating the style differences of others
  • an approach to modifying how we relate to others
  • a method of driving exceptional decision making to achieve goals
  • a framework for creating and managing diverse, high-performance teams
  • a means of experiencing feedback as adding value

Over time, EL mastery can provide integration, including:

  • a centered self-confidence based on humility and an accurate awareness of your strengths and challenges
  • generativity that serves the whole
  • a vision of your sense of calling and purpose
  • creation of new possibilities and knowledge in the challenges of complexity and change

Learning Partners Group (LPG) is in the business of developing integrated leaders, creative problem solvers and “ learners for life”  through Experiential Learning. In order to meet the challenges of our complex and rapidly changing world, the LPG model emphasizes the importance of understanding the process of learning and provides tools to build both the mindset and the capacity to learn.

LPG applies Experiential Learning to solve real issues, to develop inspired and agile leaders, to build high performance teams and to create cultures of innovation and excellence. Through consultation, coaching and training, LPG provides practical tools for professional and personal development. The online and live programs build both individual and team learning competencies. The LPG approach offers a winning strategy for organizations to leverage talent, to promote creativity and innovation, to thrive in complex and competitive environments and to implement strategies for success.

Learning Partners Group affiliate Harlan Peterson Partners, LLP extends the LPG framework to develop and deliver cutting edge programs that build cultures of exceptional client service and innovation in professional services firms.  The Summit Series for Leadership and Client Development applies the Experiential Learning framework to effect sustainable positive change for law firms, accounting firms, health care practices and other professional service providers.