The Complexity Lens


A foundational eCourse on the frameworks, insights and applications emerging from fields of complexity and human systems. The Complexity Lens provides a new view of how to see, understand, and influence organizations and communities from large global enterprises to small groups.

This six-module, self-paced online program is delivered on an interactive Flash-based course platform available for access anytime from anywhere. The program content includes rich media recorded presentations, exercises, and electronic resources. This course is sponsored and developed by The Plexus Institute, a nonprofit social enterprise focused on applying ideas from complexity science to solve social and organizational problems, particularly in health care.

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Complexity is the science of change. Ideas emerging from the study of complex systems provide insights about how patterns develop and change in natural and human systems including organizations, communities, and larger ecosystems.

The goal of this program is to provide a powerful framework for leaders, educators, and change agents so they can:

  • Use the Complexity Lens to recognize characteristics, qualities and dynamic patterns of complex systems
  • Use new vocabulary and new tools to understand and tackle complex problems
  • Identify resources to grow their capacity to work effectively in complex systems
  • Provide professional development for staff and clients who need to learn about the dynamics of complex systems.

Each program module includes major concepts, input from key thinkers, models, examples of applications at work in organizations and systems, and suggested resources for further study.
Topics covered include:

  • Frameworks, Systems, Origins, Metaphors
  • Emergence, Complex Adaptive Systems, Butterfly Effect, Tipping Points
  • ¬†Uncertainty & surprise, Order & Disorder, Non-linearity, Simple Rules, Modeling
  • Networks, Patterns & Structures, Small Worlds, Diffusion
  • Ecocycles, Micro & Macro, Dynamic & Dynamical, Iteration, Feedback
  • Applications, Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, Planning, and Problem Solving


Lisa Kimball, Ph.D. is Executive Producer, Group Jazz.

Denise Easton, Co-Founder Complexity Space Consulting and CEO AdaptKnowledge

Participants who complete the full program will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Plexus Institute.


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