The Writing Center – Writing Effective Email


This self-paced online ecourse is delivered on an interactive Flash-based course platform available for access any time, from anywhere. The program content is supported by electronic resources and a printable workbook.


The Writing Center, Inc., specializes in customized corporate business and technical writing programs that increase the clarity, impact, and overall professionalism of participants’ on-the-job documents. Carol S. Klein, M.A., and Sandra S. Nutting, M.A., The Writing Center’s founders, have more than 30 years’ combined experience in teaching effective writing.



Program Overview


Because electronic communications are an integral part of today’s business world, being able to write effectively across platforms and devices is a critical component of your professional skill set.

Electronic communication requires many traditional business writing skills, but there are special considerations as well. This program focuses on writing effective email and guides you through techniques to produce clear, focused, well-organized e-mail. Numerous examples and exercises provide hands-on practice. Many of the tips provided also apply to texting and tweeting.

Topics include a review of current email etiquette and guidelines as well as how to (1) begin, end, organize, and format email effectively; (2) improve tone; (3) eliminate wordiness but include all necessary information; and (4) increase professionalism and readability.

Program Features

  • Begin and end email effectively, orienting readers with effective purpose statements and ensuring that they understand next steps.
  • Organize email logically, place information for greatest impact, and paragraph email effectively.
  • Incorporate form or pre-scripted content.
  • Ensure the clarity and focus of each message.
  • Translate technical language for non-technical readers.
  • Identify communication situations that are inappropriate for email.
  • Ensure positive, reader-centered wording.
  • Ensure professional presentation.
  • Follow generally accepted email etiquette and guidelines.
  • Avoid the 10 most common e-mail mistakes.
  • Learn 40 great tips for effective email.